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120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van
  • 120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van
  • 120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van
  • 120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van
  • 120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van

120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Bely
Certification CE, MSDS, UN38.3, ROHS
Model Number BLY-LFP-12V120AH
Product Details
Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:
Cycle Life:
≥3000 Times
2 Years
RV, Camper, Solar Storage, Marine
Blak Or Customized
Battery Type:
Copper Pillar
Battery Dimension:
355mm X 175mm X 190mm
IP Class:
High Light: 

12v deep cycle lithium ion battery for rv


120AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery


lithium battery for camper van

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
7-14 days for samples, 35-60 days for mass production
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
100000pcs per month
Product Description

Deep Cycle Lithium Battery 12V 120AH RV Battery Camping Car Solar Trailer With CE, UN38.3 Approval



1. Very suitable for RV and replace the traditional lead acid battery with battery size: 355mm x 175mm x 190mm.

2. More than 3000 cycles @ 100% DOD. 

3. High discharging current capacity, working well with most of inverters in the market.

4. Prismatic cells UL1642& UN38.3 & ICE62619 certified, packs CE & UN38.3 & MSDS.

5. Patent Bluetooth connection, enable IOS & Android APP to monitor instant battery status.

6. Series & Parallel connections are available.

7. OEM & ODM service are availble. 

120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van 0



1. General Information

This specification defines the performance of rechargeable LiFePO4 battery pack BLY-LFP-12V 120AH manufactured by Shenzhen Bely Energy Technology Co., Ltd. describes the type, performance, technical characteristics, warning and caution of the battery pack. 

1.1 BMS


The battery Management system (BMS) installed in every battery ensures that the battery in the event of under voltage or overload switches off and automatically again turns on as soon as the problem is resolved.


The dimensions of the housing are identical with the most common AGM, lead acid or GEL batteries. With optionally available round poles can also use existing pole, terminals can be reused. An exchange the battery holder or a change the loading structure is not necessary.


The areas of application of this battery are specifically for the stationary or mobile area. Lithium batteries are diverse. Especially Mobile homes, solar, e-boats, electric scooters, golf carts or electronic-mobiles / wheelchairs and cleaning machines will always be more often equipped with it.


Use the suitable lithium battery charger. Waiting until the battery is fully charged.


A BeLY LiFePo4 battery can do more than 96% of the energy made available directly to save. A 100% utilization of the existing capacity takes place with the same output voltage.


2. Battery Specification


No. Specification Remarks
1 Composed type 4S3P 40Ah/3.2V
2 Nominal capacity 120 Ah 14.6V cut-off capacity
3 Minimum capacity >120Ah
4 Normal voltage 12.8V Working voltage
5 Discharge cut-off voltage 11.6V  
6 Charging voltage 14.6V  
7 Internal Impedance <10mΩ  
8 Consistent attributes Charging ending( 14.6V fully charge) single cell voltage difference <50mV Recorded is the instantaneous voltage difference at the end of the charge
9 Discharging ending (Voltage 11.6V) single cell voltage difference <50mV Recorded is the instantaneous voltage difference at the end of the discharge
10 Max. continuous charging current 80A  
11 Max. continuous discharging current 100A  
12 Peak discharging current 150A (<20seconds)  
13 Working temperature Charging: -0-50°C 60±25%R.H. Bare Cell (Single cell storage humidity range )
Discharging: -20-60°C
14 Storage temperature Less than 12 months: -20~25 °C 60±25%R.H. at the shipment state (Humidity range at shipment status)
Less tlian 3 months: -20~40 °C
Less than 7 days: -20~60 °C
15 Size/ mm 355*175*190±0.5mm ABS (Outer dimensions of shell including terminal)
16 Positive and negative Terminal Copper pillar
17 Net Weight <14.5Kg  
18 Shipped goods Electricity 50% electricity  
19 Package Carton  


3. Battery Management System (BMS)


The battery management system (BMS) built into each battery ensures that the battery switch off in the event of under voltage or overload and automatically again turns on as soon as the problem is resolved.

- Protection of the cell against under voltage by switching off the load in good time.

- Protection of the cell against over voltage by reducing the charging current or switching off the charging process.

- Shutting down the system in the event of excess temperature.

- Charging of the battery is stopped in case of under temperature.


4. Battery Benefits


High performance traction/storage battery

Integrated (BMS) battery management system

Safe lithium technology (LiFePO4)

High cycles life time more than 3000 times @ 100% DOD

Hign max continuous discharging current

Light weight 

One to one replaceable with lead acid battery

Low self-discharge


5. Application


Motohomes, caravans and RV

Photovoltaics, solar systems and renewable energies

High performance traction/storage battery

Fishing, electric boat motors and sonar

Mobile power supply, camping and leisure

Emergency power supply/UPS

120AH 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery For Camper Van 1

6.  Storage and transportation

The battery must be packed and protected well during transport.

The lithium battery must be transported according to the rules for transport, these should always be followed (transportation code UN3480/UN38.3).

Never lift the battery by the terminals, only by the handles.

The battery should be stored in temperatures from -10℃ to +30℃. During transport, the battery should be about 50-60% charged.

The battery should be charged every three months to keep it active so that it always works maximum.


7. Important instructions 


Do not open the LiFePO4 battery without consulting the dealer. Unauthorized opening of the battery voids the manufacturer's warranty.

▪ Only use the battery for the application for which it is intended.

▪ Do not short-circuit the LiFePO4 battery. The cable connections to the consumers must go through a backup to be protected.

▪ Installation and maintenance may only be carried out by qualified specialists.

▪ Do not expose to permanent direct sunlight. Protect from the effects of heat. Temperatures above +60 ° C can damage the battery.

▪ Use only compatible chargers. The battery is in a longer storage of all disconnect devices.

▪ Pay attention to proper assembly.

▪ Avoid damage of any kind, for example by falling, drilling, etc. (Risk of short circuit).

▪ Always keep the battery dry and clean.

▪ Note the plus (+) and minus (-) markings on the LiFePO4 battery and the device and pay attention to the correct polarity.

▪ The cycle capacity may vary due to the change in the working temperature and the charge and discharge rate differ from the nominal capacity.

▪ Suitable for parallel connection maximum four batteries (If need series connection, the BMS should be customized with higher cost).

Before connecting, bring to the same charge level. Batteries from different manufacturers or different types should not be interconnected.


7. Install the LiFePO4 battery


Lithium LiFePo4 batteries are heavy. Make sure it is adequate and safe attach and always use the appropriate transport equipment.

In an accident unsecured, batteries could become a projectile! Always take carefully with lithium batteries.

Make absolutely sure that the LiFePO4 battery is not connected with reversed polarity.

Should the battery be connected incorrectly, the BMS electronics will be irreparably damaged and must be replaced with a new BMS board. This is not a warranty case.


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